Tel 0252 374 54 44
Gsm 0530 581 85 07
Gsm: 0530 581 85 07
Güvercinlik - Bodrum - Muğla
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24 hour room service is available for our customers requirements.


Full Board serving is applicable in our Hotel where breakfast time is extended to 11:00 AM.


Celebrations are held in our hotel lounge for 75 persons.


Airport service is available if requested by our guests.

Our quests, enjoying themselves with sun and sea in the daytime,can eat our delicious foods by the seaside where the stars dance with sea sparkle, accompanying the music at night.

Moreover, delicious meal choicces prepared diligently by our Chef, are available. Our pastry courtesy with 5 o'clock tea in the evening, increases the customer satisfaction.

There is no problem for parking for our quests who come by their own vehicles. Our Hotel cooperates with Rent - a - car companies in Güvercinlik with special discounts for you.